Best Tote Bags for travelling light!

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Below are the best Tote Bags as rated by the visitors of this site. If you have used any of the bags listed here please leave your rating.

Tote bags are typically small, lightweight bags that feature one main storage compartment and a single shoulder strap. They are usually used as a secondary bag for carrying items that did not fit into the main piece of luggage.

When to choose a Tote Bag
Tote Bags are too small to use as a way to avoid checking luggage. Instead, tote bags are a really good option to use to hold certain items that won’t fit into your checked bags, or items that you need to bring on to a plane (things to entertain you, things to help you be more comfortable, etc.). Tote bags are also great to use while you are traveling as a day bag so you can carry certain items with you that you might need throughout the day such as food or a hat.

What makes a good tote bag?
The main thing to evaluate a tote bag by is weight. A tote bag is small, and therefore it should not weigh much. In fact, there are many tote bags that weigh under 2 lbs. Rolling tote bags will weigh a lot more, sometimes up to 8 lbs., but the extra weight comes from the wheels and handle. But, if you are interested in a tote bag, get a real tote bag. If you want something with wheels and a handle, get a rolling upright that will hold a lot more stuff.