The Best Luggage Brands for Today’s Travelers

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The best luggage brands are best to consider before you head off on vacation or a business trip. It is during this time you find something that you know will hold up to the wear and tear of regular use, without having to invest a fortune. After all, no one wants a piece of luggage that will snap open if it hits turbulence, just like no one wants a bag they have to drop an entire paycheck on.

With that in mind, the following are some brands of luggage that will definitely help you to travel on a budget, with some peace of mind.


Lojel Bags Lojel Lucid Upright Spinner Luggage

While they might not be the most luxurious choice for travel luggage, they are definitely one of the best. The company constantly explores new bag designs and features that can help you to travel with peace of mind. They offer several different styles, colors and designs to choose from in their core baggage line. This is a great choice for anyone that wants new luggage that offers the latest features, without having to shell out a fortune for each bag that is included.

A lot of the Lojel designs are a retro hard case look. While this protective exterior does help to keep your items safer, it isn’t always trendy. This is something you’ll want to consider as you browse the selection of bags available to you. But if your ultimate goal is protecting a fragile item while you are traveling, then this is the bag for you.



Victorinox BagsWerks Traveler 5.0 WT Wheeled Duffel

Victorinox Luggage – Since 1884, Victorinox has proudly been a leader in the luggage industry. The company has constantly worked to create a line of luggage that is easy to handle and is incredibly durable. Boasting an impressive 30 different colors to choose from, these bags are designed to hold all the items that people place in their checked luggage. This includes fragrances, timepieces, travel gear and other items.

The company also has several different style lines they offer customers. This allows individuals to find a piece that not only fits their unique travel needs, but also fits their personality and style. When selecting one of these bags, make sure it adheres to the current regulations in place for the airline you are traveling on. Many airlines are now restricting the size and weight of bags passengers are checking on the airplane. You want to ensure that you are using a piece of luggage that meets the current requirements, so your nice new luggage isn’t costing you more than it should.



TravelPro BagsTravelPro

There is something classy about TravelPro and their line of luggage. These bags are designed to have a luxurious and innovative design, while addressing the needs of the traveler. More importantly, these bags are durable, while being lightweight, so you are able to safely carry everything you need without any concerns.

The most common bags in the TravelPro line are made from twin nylon fabric and feature the power scope handle, along with spinners and expansion stability. In fact, you’ll find that this is one system that delivers. For the elite traveler, there are also leather options available that can help to standout in the airport as you show off your style.



Samsonite BagsSamsonite

If there were a king of luggage, then the obvious choice would be Samsonite. These bags are globally known for their excellence in design and can withstand most things. In fact, they have been considered a leader in the industry for over 100 years.

When you walk with a Samsonite for the first time, you’ll instantly recognize the difference. They are lighter, maneuver better and have a luxurious and sophisticated appearance to them. These are the suitcases you see the stars using and you can definitely bring them into your own world for a very affordable price.



Tumi Bags
Tumi Bags
Tumi_Luggage SmallNow celebrating 40 years in the industry, Tumi is an interesting choice for the luggage bags on the market. Their bags are a simple black on black ballistic nylon that stands out. Their bags are light enough to carry and have all the traditional features you’d expect modern luggage to have. This includes the telescoping handle, pockets, and ties to keep it together. It also is designed to give you easier access as a piece of carry on luggage for the plane since there are defined pockets for the items you’ll end up using the most.

The only drawback most people have with Tumi is the fact that the luggage does become a little bulky. The exterior pockets when containing items don’t always have a smooth surface and that can make it tricky to place in overhead compartments. Beyond that, you shouldn’t have any actual problems with this luggage, so that is absolutely a positive.


As you can see, there are plenty of options out there for you when you are considering some of the different luggage brands out there. It is important for you to take the time to browse the entire selection and determine which one actually best suits your needs.

Remember there are some key things to look for each time you purchase a bag.

No piece of luggage you choose should weigh more than 10 pounds. With a 50 pound limit, the heavier your bag is, the more it will cost you to fly.

Carry on bag are compact, but a good option for heavy and items you want to keep an eye on. Most airlines still only limit the weight of your bags checked. Make sure you avoid overdoing it by having the heavy items in your carry on bags.

Security is a must on your luggage. Make sure it locks.

Look at reviews of luggage and find options that don’t routinely break or have issues with their craftsmanship.

Make sure the bag you select comes with a warranty of some kind.

If you do all this, you’ll definitely be satisfied while flying the friendly skies. Remember, there are hundreds of bags out there. But there are only a few that are worth your time and money. Consider the above named brands as they have a long history of being the best. After all, there is a reason why they are listed among the best luggage brands that are out there.