Best Duffel Bags for carry on flights

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Below are the best backpacks as rated by the visitors of this site. If you have used any of the bags listed here please leave your rating.

A duffel bag is a large soft piece of luggage that features one main storage compartment and a single shoulder strap. They have really great storage capacity compared to other types of carry on luggage, but they can be more difficult and physically demanding to transport than other styles of carry ons.

When to Choose a Duffel Bag
If you really want to try to pack everything into your carry on to avoid paying excessive fees for checking luggage, you should consider a duffel bag. With a duffel style carry on you will be able to bring more clothing and belongings than you will with any other style of bag. This is especially true if you know how to arrange everything to maximize your storage space. A duffel bag is all about minimizing the amount of luggage and maximizing the amount of stuff you can carry with you.

What makes a good duffel bag?
A good duffel bag will be extremely lightweight (usually under 3 lbs.), it will have an extremely voluminous main storage compartment, and it will be well constructed (this is key!). Since you will be stuffing your duffel completely full of clothing, it is important that the bag be made of tough material, but just as important that the stitching is extremely durable as well. You don’t want your duffel bag to rip at the seams!