Best Rolling Upright Carry On Bags

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Below are the best Rolling Upright Carry On Bags as rated by the visitors of this site. If you have used any of the bags listed here please leave your rating.

The rolling upright style of luggage has taken over the luggage world. These are they types of bags you see most people in airports using these days. They feature smooth rolling wheels, a telescoping handle, and a large main storage compartment that combine to make a bag that is easy to pack and easy to transport. Most travelers will find that a nice rolling upright carry on is the only bag they need, especially when traveling for a week or less.

When to Choose a Rolling Upright
Most travelers will find that a Rolling Upright is the perfect piece of luggage. In fact, when you picture a piece of luggage in your mind you probably see a rolling upright. These bags have become ubiquitous because they are easy to pack, they hold a lot of stuff, they are durable, they can be very lightweight, and the wheel/handle combination makes them easy to maneuver though busy airport terminals without breaking your back. Choose a rolling upright when you will be staying in a hotel or a friend’s home while traveling. Even though rolling bags are easy to move through airports, they are a pain to carry with you all day.

What makes a good Rolling Upright?
A good rolling upright carry on should be lightweight first and foremost. The lightest bags weigh in at under 7 lbs., and there is no reason you should purchase a bag that weighs over 10 lbs. Beyond weight, the bag should be durable enough to hold up to the rigors of travel. This means the handle needs to be stable, the wheels need to be high quality, and the materials should be able to resist fraying or tearing. You can usually find all of this for under $200, but some rolling uprights can retail for over $500.