Best Hardsided Carry On Bags

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Below are the best Hardsided Carry On Bags as rated by the visitors of this site. If you have used any of the bags listed here please leave your rating.

Hardside carry ons are just like regular rolling upright pieces of luggage, except they are constructed with a rigid outer shell. Hardside carry on bags are generally lightweight and very durable. They almost always feature a retractable handle and inline skate wheels for easy maneuverability.

When to Choose a Hardside Carry On Bag
Choose a hardside carry on only if you are transporting fragile belongings that might otherwise be damaged in a soft piece of luggage. Luggage with hard cases might not always be allowed to be carried into the seating area of a plane… you might be asked to check your hardside bag. This diminishes the value of a hardsided bag as a carry on.

What makes a good Hardside Carry On?
First, you want your hardside luggage to be extremely tough and durable. The main reason to choose one of these rather than a soft piece of luggage is that you need to protect your belongings. So, make sure the shell is extremely tough, and it won’t flex or bend easily (such as if another piece of luggage was placed on top of it). Second, try to get a light weight carry on. There is no reason a hardsided carry on should weigh more than 9 lbs. In fact, it is possible to find rigid bags that weigh in under 6 lbs.