Kenneth Cole Carry On Bag – Reviews and Ratings

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Kenneth Cole started as a shoe company, but has branched into fashion, bags, and luggage. Kenneth Cole branded items are known for their high quality and style, and fashionable travelers clamor after their brilliant carry on bags. When you invest in a Kenneth Cole piece, you are investing in luxury, style, and durability.

Carry On Bag Rating
1 Kenneth Cole City Lites 21
2 Kenneth Cole Taking Flight 21
3 Kenneth Cole Curve Appeal 21

Kenneth Cole History
The story of how Kenneth Cole launched itself into the world is unique and fascinating. In 1982, Kenneth Cole wanted to show his line of shoes at Market, but he couldn’t afford the price of a hotel room to display his merchandise. Cole asked about parking a trailer two blocks from the hotel. He found out that permits for trailers were only given to utility and production companies. Cole changed the name of his company from Kenneth Cole Incorporated to Kenneth Cole Productions, and applied for a permit to film a documentary: “The Birth of a Shoe Company.” He got his permit. In fewer than three days, Kenneth Cole Productions sold more than forty thousand pairs of shoes all the while chronicling the beginning of his company.

The Kenneth Cole Brand

Kenneth Cole creates men’s and women’s footwear, men’s and women’s clothing, handbags, luggage, and accessories under the Kenneth Cole Reaction Line. In addition, the brand sells fashion and accessories under the following lines: Kenneth Cole New York, Kenneth Cole Reaction, and Unlisted.