High Sierra Carry On Bag – Reviews and Ratings

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High Sierra creates every kind of luggage imaginable, from adventure travel gear to business luggage to carry on bags. No matter what your luggage needs may be, High Sierra has a quality product to fit your requirements. This is a brand that can truly say that you get what you pay for. Their high quality products are durable, stylish, and unique.

Use the High Sierra Carry On Bag Ratings listed below to find the right High Sierra carry on for your next trip. Please leave your rating for any of the bags that you have used.

Carry On Bag Rating
1 High Sierra A.T. Gear Classic 22
2 High Sierra ATGO Expandable Duffel

High Sierra History

High Sierra was founded in 1978 and has remained true to its commitment to create top-notch travel gear for adventurers. They embrace world wanderers, athletes, and weekend warriors into the world of bags and luggage. Whether you are hitting the slopes or just going to visit grandma, High Sierra has a long history of creating quality bags that will hold up to every adventure.

The High Sierra Brand
Built-in electronics, style, and innovative storage concepts set this brand apart from the competition. High Sierra is the official supplier of bags to the U.S. ski, snowboarding, and freeskiing teams. They really do put their bags to the test, because they know that they have a superior product. You can trust the High Sierra brand not just for athletic gear bags, but also for carry on bags and other luggage.