Eagle Creek Carry On Bag – Reviews and Ratings

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Eagle Creeks holds as one of its values that they will create intuitive pieces designed to meet the traveler’s every need, and they have more than succeeded at that goal. Eagle Creek caters to frequent travelers; they were the first to launch the concept of adventure travel gear, and also the first to produce a backpack that was made for travel.

Use the Eagle Creek Carry On Bag Ratings listed below to find the right Eagle Creek carry on for your next trip. Please leave your rating for any of the bags that you have used.

Carry On Bag Rating
1 Eagle Creek Cloudstream 22
2 Eagle Creek ES2 ORV Trunk 22
3 Eagle Creek Switchback Max 22
4 Eagle Creek Tarmac 22
5 Eagle Creek ES2 Round About Wheeled Tote
6 Eagle Creek Tarmac Flight Bag

Eagle Creek History
Eagle Creek was founded in 1975 and evolved out of custom-sewn mountain pack retail store. From those humble beginnings to its now worldwide popularity, Eagle Creek has earned its reputation for quality and durability. They have always had in mind the aim of creating a complete travel system for travelers, and throughout their innovative history they have succeeded in doing just that.

The Eagle Creek Brand

Frequent adventure travelers know this brand, and they know it well. Eagle Creek understands travelers, because the brand makes them their priority. Brandaholics are called ‘Creekers,’ and they can’t get enough of EagleCreek carry on bags and other traveler-inspired items such as their Pack-It System and gear bags. They also offer a full line of travel gear, from passport pouches to luggage straps to travel ear plugs. If you love travel, you will love Eagle Creek.