Baggallini Carry On Bag Ratings

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Baggallini is the final word in stylish bags and luggage. This brand was established on the belief that bags and luggage can be both fun and functional. Their most popular bags are totes, carry ons, messenger bags, and jewelry cases. You won’t find these fashionable bags in most department stores, but instead at specialty retailers, etailers, and catalogs.

Use the Baggallini Carry On Bag Ratings listed below to find the right Baggallini carry on for your next trip. Please leave your rating for any of the bags that you have used.

Carry On Bag Rating
1 Baggallini Rolling Tote Bagg 17
2 Baggallini Daytripper

History of Baggallini

Baggallini was founded in 1995 by two flight attendants—who else would know better about luggage for frequent travelers? These two women recognized and acted upon the vast need for more functional and fashionable carry on bags and other luggage. They set out to create a brand that looks couture and fits easily into your life and style. With their fantastic luggage fashions, these two flight attendants exceeded even their own expectations.

The Baggallini Brand

This brand is known for its fashion sense and organization. Each piece is the epitome of efficient travel—since the brand was created by flight attendants, this is what you would expect! Baggallini’s vibrant colors, fun fabrics, and excellent durability make it a popular choice among travelers who are looking for more than just the run-of-the-mill carry on bag. Once you choose a Baggallini bag for your travel needs, you will never go with any other brand.