Atlantic Carry On Bags

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Atlantic luggage is best known for two words: Lightweight durability. As airports grow ever larger and baggage fees grow ever higher, Atlantic luggage remains committed to providing you with the lightest luggage and least hassle possible for your travels. There is nothing worse than grunting as you struggle to life your carry on bag into the overhead bin. Don’t be one of those travelers; choose Atlantic Luggage.

Use the Atlantic Carry On Bag Ratings listed below to find the right Atlantic carry on for your next trip. Please leave your rating for any of the bags that you have used.

Carry On Bag Rating
1 Atlantic Ultra Lite 22
2 Atlantic Compass Shoulder Tote
3 Atlantic Graphite Lite 2 21
4 Atlantic Compass 21

History of Atlantic Luggage
This company was born in 1919 and has always been focused on creating easy-to-carry pieces. Before commercial air travel, Atlantic already knew how important light luggage could be. Now, it is the go-to brand for frequent travelers who need to get their belongings in and out of overhead bins and car trunks as quickly as possible. Never let your luggage weigh you down.

The Atlantic Luggage Brand
This brand walks its talk; its luggage is backed up by a manufacturer’s warranty. This brand is known for lightweight pieces that travel easily wherever you are going, be it on a plane, train, or automobile. If you are worried about meeting airline weight requirements, this is a brand you can trust to not add unnecessary poundage on the scale. In essence, this is the perfect luggage for holiday travel, when airports are busy and you need to travel light.