Best Travel Backpacks for Women

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Women have different needs than men do so finding the perfect backpack for her might be a little more of a trick. There are some backpacks made specifically for women and then there are the unisex bags, you need to be able to distinguish between the two.

Female backpacks – having been designed for women – have a shorter back length along with added padding, making the wear much more comfortable on your hips. For the taller girls, the unisex bags might be a better fit because they have a longer length at the back. Remember that you always get what you pay for, so paying less might end up meaning ripped zippers and side pockets, be prepared to spend around $150 on a good quality bag.

However in aid of helping you find a great women’s backpack, we’ve rounded up some of the best out there and compared them to help you make an informed decision.

Osprey Ariel 65


  • We love the Osprey Ariel mainly because you can take it just about anywhere in the world and it will hold up and be reliable
  • It comprises of clean design, customizable fit and a suspension unlike any other, giving you comfort to the max
  • The IsoForm hip belt adds extra stiffness and the padding ensures and even better performance with heavy loads.


  • There’s really nothing we could find that’s “off” with this bag, all that would have added to its greatness could have been something like a little pouch on the hip straps for easy storage of small items.

Is it Worth Buying?

For sure, this is one of the very best selling women’s backpacks on the market today and investing in one would be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Mozone Lightweight Backpack


  • With its self-adjustable back system this bag fits women’s backs perfectly
  • It comes with a hydration system included and the improved harnesses really make it super sturdy
  • The side compression strap, base load straps and rope strap gives you as much as possible support


  • This is really a great backpack for adventure but it’s not exactly the everyday backpack, so if you need something less sporty, this might not be the right fit for you.

Is it Worth Buying?

Yes, this backpack delivers great value above and beyond you would expect, but it’s designed with adventurous women in mind who go hiking a lot.

Lowe Alpine TFX Kibo


  • Specifically designed for hikers and adventurers with budget constraints, it still doesn’t compromise on quality
  • It has two great compartments and also has convenient large side pockets
  • The bag easily adapts to your body and has a superior comfortable fit


  • The one thing we don’t like about this bag is the fact that it doesn’t have frontal access to the main compartment

Is it Worth Buying?

If you’re on a budget then this is probably one of the best packs you can choose. It brings you affordable quality, durability and great comfort all in one.

Some key things to consider with the Backpack features

Do you want it to have duffel capability? You’d consider this if you’re prone to back pain.

For Grab and Go – Consider opting for a backpack that has a debatable daypack that simply zips off

Do you need front and side loading? If you’ve got just one access point, you’ll need to take out everything inside whenever you’re searching for something, having access from the front and side just eliminates the schlep and lets you get to whatever you need that much faster.

Camera and Laptop Protection – some backpacks come with added padding inside for protecting your valuable electronics


We hope that this post has been helpful to you and has helped you see that a backpack designed just for women offers that much more comfort and stability. If we had to single out just one of these as the top pick, it would be the Osprey Ariel, and the market trend seems to agree with us. It’s sleek and stylish while still giving you the utmost comfort levels. The suspension is simply amazing and has really been designed with optimal comfort in mind we would happily recommend this bag to anyone looking for a new backpack.