Are you carrying baggage? No, not the negative kind! The kind you pack your things in when traveling, silly.

If so, then make sure it’s the most durable, affordable, stylish, and practical baggage you can find. That’s why we created CarryingBaggage.com. It’s simply here to help you get from point A to point B with all your belongings safely in tow.

Our site reviews the most popular and best carry on luggage that travels the planet. Grab a cup of coffee, kick off your shoes, and read up on the best luggage the world has to offer.

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About The Carryingbaggage.com Rating System

A standard rating system is essential to comparing two carry on bags to each other. In order to determine which bag is better overall, or which bag is a better value for your money, you have to look at more than just the brand name and the price. A carry on is about functionality, not style.

With that thought in mind, we have set up a rating system to compare the five most important factors of a piece of carry on luggage: weight, durability, storage capacity, overall value, and whether or not it will be allowed on all flights. Each of these factors is graded on a five point scale, with five being the best and three being average.

  • Weight – You want to have the lightest bag possible, since you will be carrying it everywhere you go. The weight of a bag is rated compared to other bags of the same type. As an example, a 6 lb rolling carry on would be a 5 because that is very light for a rolling carry on, but a 6 lb duffel bag would be a 1 because that is very heavy for a duffel bag.
  • Durability – A good carry on will be durable enough to hold together over the course of hundreds of trips, while always protecting the things stored inside. We grade durability on an absolute scale, with most hardsided luggage being a 5 and thin backpacks are usually scored 1 or 2.

    Storage Capacity
    – This is obvious. How much stuff can a bag hold? If it can hold a lot, it gets a 5. If it can’t hold much, it gets a 1. Simple enough.
  • Value – Basically, is this bag priced correctly for what it offers? Or stated another way, are you getting ripped off or are you getting a good deal if you buy this bag? A 5 is a great deal, and a 1 means you are probably paying for the brand name and the looks rather than the functionality. Stay away from 1′s and 2′s in the value category.
  • Allowed on All Flights – This is a simple yes or no. The most common (and lowest) allowed size for a carry on bag is 45 linear inches. This means, if you add together the length, width, and height of your bag, the total must be 45″ or lower to ensure it will be allowed on all domestic US flights. Anything over 45″ gets a “no” in this category, and hardsided luggage also gets a “no” because some airlines might not allow hardsided carry ons.

The star rating system that you see at the top of each review page is an overall average rating based on votes left by visitors to the site. Visitors are encouraged to use the star rating system to rate any bags they have used to provide some simple insight as to which bags are liked, and which ones are disappointing. The star rating system is completely separate from the staff rating system described on this page.